Benjamin Betts

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I am a systems engineer with extensive experience in large-scale deployment, administration, monitoring and support. My emphasis is procedural efficiency and security. I have experience and personal interest in team leadership, advanced monitoring and awareness, analysis, communications solutions, project leadership, RCA, troubleshooting, open source solutions and the use of technologies to advance the process of business.


  • Linux, Solaris & AIX
  • Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat & SUSE
  • Python, BASH, APIs, Javascript
  • Monitoring and Awareness: Zabbix, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch
  • Networking & Hardware
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • Web Applications: Grafana, Kibana, Custom
  • Team Management
  • Procedure Development
  • Project Leadership


These roles have provided extensive experience in UNIX administration. I have experience with various scripting languages and a strong understanding of their use in heterogeneous environments for automation, deployment, migration, and administrative tasks. Additionally, I have experience with project architecture, management and systems analysis.

07/2013 - present Code 42 software Minneapolis, MN
Senior Cloud Engineer, Operations
  • The care and feeding of enterprise storage and compute clouds
  • Monitoring, Awareness, Reporting, Tools and Analysis.
  • Architecture and Direction
  • Monitoring of more than 120,000 hard drives and the systems that spin them
  • Processing and dissemination of monitoring data as layered, targeted awareness

Operations at Code42 is a small, tight-knit group of experts in every segment of cloud administration from RAID hardware to global-scale configuration management. Working with, and for, this team is the highest level of creative solution design and implementation I have seen, and that on a massive scale. My primary duties include holistic management of monitoring, data collection, data analysis, issue detection, alerting, remediation procedures, active and passive awareness, reporting, RCA and documentation.

07/2010 - 06/2013 Thomson Reuters Eagan, MN
Senior UNIX Systems Engineer
Contracted by Talent Software Services
01/2011 - 06/2013
  • Large Network and Domain Migrations
  • Physical and network migrations from 1 to 250 servers. Storage migrations for up to 1000 servers. Thousands of servers in all.
  • Migration scripting for Multiple OSs
  • Tech: SUSE, Red Hat, Solaris & AIX.

This role included all prep and migration tasks for the UNIX platform. This includes allocation and verification of all network resources, strict migration windows, verification of all OS-level functionality, and OOB functionality. OS reconfigurations were entirely scripted as part of the position. This included TCP/IP, domain, NFS, TSM, VMware, and postfix reconfiguration.

Systems Engineer, Analyst
07/2010 - 12/2010
  • Solution analysis and forecasting. Internal customer reporting and analysis of trends and opportunities.
  • Strategic technology research. Software platform and hardware research to forecast use cases and suitability within environments.
  • Management of hardware solution implementation, storage growth and migration projects.
  • Tech: SQL, VBA, Excel, Access, Visio, Hadoop, iSCSI, Fusion IO, Sharepoint

Primary focus was strategic team operations related to capital expenditures for infrastructure and application technology. I was tasked with developing and publishing reports and presentations to analyze trends and opportunities for the team. At the same time, I worked with my teammates administering solutions to distribute workload and gain an understanding of the environment.

02/2006 - 07/2010 IBM Global Services Minneapolis, MN
L4 Systems Management Specialist/SME
Contracted by Pomeroy IT Solutions & CDI Corporation
  • Administration of Unix and Windows systems in an enterprise datacenter of over 2000 servers
  • Linux and Windows implementation and support for web, application and infrastructure.
  • VMWare deployment and template creation.
  • Management of multi-team, interdependent procedures
  • Managed the configuration and security requirements for all server installations
  • Coordinating infrastructure, software and procedural changes throughout the environment
  • Tech: RedHat, Windows Server 2k-2k8, Veritas, IIS, Scripting, Ghost, HTML tools, Dell PowerEdge, HP/Compaq Prolient, IBM xSeries, Data remanence, NAS and SAN storage

I provided support for several IBM customers ranging from OS and application support to L4 management of procedures and training. I managed the implementation of project solutions ensuring that business needs were met from a technical standpoint. I provided tools and training to deployment and support teams as well as troubleshooting HW, application and OS issues.

08/2004 - 10/2005 Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Eagan, MN
Sales Analyst
Originally contracted by Addeco Technical
  • Designed and implemented office automation applications
  • Reduced weekly reporting allocation by more than 90% through automation
  • Restructured the biannual CDAM routing project, reducing duration by more than 95%
  • Managed national reporting projects and developed divisional projects
  • Developed divisional reporting practices
  • Recognized for excellence in divisional design projects
  • Designed, developed and formatted the 2005 business plan
  • Tech: Virtual Basic (VBScript, VBA), Excel, Access & PowerPoint


2003 - 2006 University of Phoenix BS IT

ITIL focus with emphasis on management and devops.

1993 - 1997 Harding University Undergrad

Anthropology and computer science. Development focus.